How To Backup Your Opera Files

If you are planning to reinstall your operating system or to use the same opera settings in other pc, you may want to backup all the bookmarks, wand data, settings and preferences. You can do so by following the below instructions carefully:

Before you start with make sure you have not kept the browser open.

1. First of all you need to backup the following important files:

Bookmarks> opera6.adr
Contacts> contacts.adr
Notes> notes.adr
Personal certificates> opcert6.dat
Certificate authorities> opcacrt6.dat
Wand data> wand.dat

These files are usually located in
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Opera

If you are not able to find these files then you can find their location by going to the Help > About Opera menu.
NOTE: The file “opera6.ini”, contains your general Opera settings, such as cache and plug-in information. It is not recommended that you copy this file from a computer to another, as it contains a lot of paths that may be specific to your computer.

2. Backup the following directories:

Mail> mail\
Sessions – saved windows> sessions\
Skins> skin\
Plug-ins (Windows version)> program\plug-ins\
Keyboard configuration> keyboard\
Mouse configuration> mouse\
Menu configuration> menu\
Toolbar configuration> toolbar\

You may also like to backup Cookies (“cookies4.dat”), Global history (“global.dat”), Visited links (“vlink4.dat”), Download history (“download.dat”). These files change on daily basis.

3. Now you can replace the existing files with the backed up files to reflect same settings and preferences.



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