Change iPhone, iPod Fonts

Bored of the same fonts in your iPhone? How about changing them? There’s an app known as Font Swap which is available on Cydia, it allows you to change fonts with ease.

iCalcy- iPhone Calculator for Windows

Previously I had written an article on Safe Calculator which allows you to not only calculate but also keeps files and folders hidden and safe. Today, I’m going to share with you another calculator known as iCalcy. Well, this calculator is not like Safe Calculator and doesn’t keep files and folders safe.

How to Download Songs from

Most of us listen to music online. One of my favorite sites is You too might have listened to songs on Well, the drawback is that you can only listen to songs on this site but you cannot download them. But there’s a little trick. When you play a particular file it actually downloads it! The downloaded file is stored in the temporary folder which later gets deleted. So the trick is pretty simple, first you need to clear your browsers temporary folder, go to and play a song. Check in the temporary folder once the song buffers fully.

How to Crack iPhone Apps

Hackers keep coming up with cracked stuffs every now and then. Well, it certainly helps at times. Now they have come up with an application- Crackulous which cracks iPhone apps and removes the copy protection from them. It’s available for free and offers full GUI support through the process of cracking an application, and cracks multiple applications at one time. Woah! That’s way too easy and awesome too!

How to AutoPlay YouTube Videos on MySpace

MySpace is turning out to be a hot favorite among youngsters. Recently I got an email from a user asking me how to autoplay YouTube videos on MySpace. So I thought of writing a small post here. While browsing YouTube I came across a video which shows you how to make videos autoplay. You can have a look at the video below:

Toshiba’s ApriPoco Robot can Control Any Remote Control

If you’re sick of too many remote controls in your living room, never quite sure what all the buttons do, no idea on which remote control is to be used for a particular gadget, then Toshiba might have the answer. It’s developed a prototype robot that can act as a voice gateway to just about anything in the room that has a remote control.

How to Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

 Too lazy to fold your T-shirt? Don’t worry here’s a small video which guide you to fold your T-shirt in just 2 seconds. Two seconds?? You might be thinking I’m kidding. Well, I’m not. Try it out for yourself, this thing really works. I’ve been trying out since morning with my T-shirts, finally got them off my bed. Mom was pretty much impressed. Now she doesn’t have to scold me every now and then to fold my T-shirts. 

How To Cook A Turkey With A Light Bulb And DVD-Rs

Here’s a method to can cook a Turkey with a light Bulb and four DVD-Rs. I don’t really know if this method works. Well if it works then I guess it will take a lot of time to heat. You can view the following video which has detailed instructions on the procedure.

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