Facebook Profile Picture Trick with Album Thumbnails

French artist Alexandre Oudin came up with an innovative idea that allows you to make full use of your profile page to show your profile picture. His clever trick was copied by many other designers later. Stinson Design, a PowerPoint presentation design agency modified the same by adding a mouth video to the profile page which made it even more lively!

Access and Use Facebook from your Email

Facebook is turning out to be an ‘essential’ for most of us. When you go anywhere, you see someone or the other using Facebook. In certain countries Facebook is the number one website leaving behind Google and Yahoo. Now, that’s an interesting fact isn’t it? Well, let’s leave the facts aside and stick to the title.

How to Disable the New Facebook Album Viewer

If you have been using Facebook for a long time then you might have noticed that Facebook changes its layout and several other features regularly. Recently, Facebook introduced a new photo album viewer which opens the album with a black background. I don’t really find this feature user friendly. If you’re someone like me then you will consider disabling this feature.

Facebook doesn’t show Feeds from All Friends and Pages

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you might have noticed that the new interface doesn’t show feeds from all friends and pages instead it shows feeds from “friends and pages you interact with the most”. Due to this default setting you will miss a lot of updates from your other friends. You can change this setting by doing the following:

How to Find out if Someone is Logging into your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the safest social networking websites at present when we compare to others like Orkut and so on. But, things may change anytime, you never know! Well, Facebook has a good privacy setting that lets you know if someone logged into your account. Let’s have a look at how you can make good use of it:

Beware of the Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Scam Email

Nowadays, almost every internet user uses Facebook. With the growing popularity of Facebook, the number of malicious attacks on Facebook and its users are increasing. Recently, some of the users complained that they received Facebook password reset confirmation emails.

The email claims that the Facebook password has been resetted and that a new password can be found in an attached document. When the user clicks and downloads the attachment, the computer is attacked by a Trojan. Both McAfee and Sophos have put out warnings about the scam. Well, here’s what the email looks like:

How to Get Emoticons in Facebook Chat Window in Chrome

If you’re a Facebook addict and a Google Chrome lover then here’s something cool for you. While chatting with some of your friends in Facebook chat you might have observed that some use emoticons. Ever wondered where they came from? Either they have them in their Facebook chat box or they might have memorized some of the emoticons code signs.

Add Symbols to a Facebook Status

You can easily add symbols to a Facebook Status message. You might have observed that many people add symbols like music notes, hearts, smilies, etc to their status messages. You may have wondered how they did it. Well, it’s pretty simple here’s how you do it:

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