Homer Simpson Corkscrew keeps Homer Fit

Homer Simpson said, “Homer no function beer well without, I need a bottle opener!” Oh Well! Homer Simpson I couldn’t find a beer opener for you but will a corkscrew do the job? Ok jokes apart! Here’s a Homer Simpson Corkscrew that I came across while searching for some cool stuff over the web.

Free Windows 7 Themes

While stumbling, I came across these wonderful themes for Windows 7, just thought of sharing them with you. To install them, simply download and run to apply the themes.

Sun Flower:
An artistic theme with yellowish essence of Sun Flower. It looks great on a 30 inch display.

Download Windows7 wallpapers, User Images (build 7057)

Few days back Windows7 Build 7057 leaked over the web. You can download it off torrents. New wallpapers and user images are added in this build. If you are still using XP or Vista and would like to try out these wallpapers and user images, you can do so as they are available for download separately. There are a total of 30 new wallpapers and 36 new user images for your start menu and your login screen.

Keyboard Key Seat for Geeks

Geeks love to add more and more gadgets to their gadgets collection. One of my tech savy friends room is a complete mess with gadgets! He has a dual monitor workstation, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Blu ray player and what not! I remember last time when I had visited his house he had a small bench in his room which had the design of that of a computer keyboard. And today while browsing over the web I came across something similar to it. It’s a unique yet great looking stool which sports the look of a keyboard key!

Baby Hand Soaps- Cute and Creepy

Here are baby’s hands, err… baby hand soaps. Well, we all know baby’s hands are really cute, looks like someone liked them so much that they decided to cut ‘em off. Ha, not really. The hands that you see are soaps in the form of a baby’s hands. We all might find them cute but I keep wondering what would be a baby’s reaction while it looks at them for the first time. You might see a cute smile curve up it’s face or maybe it may cry out loud, or it might start playing with it.

The Udder Jug might just make you Moo

The Udder Jug is one of the weirdest jugs I have ever seen. When you look at this jug when its empty it will look just like an ordinary jug. But the moment it’s filled, I’m sure a smile will curve up your face. When the jar’s full, the udder becomes visible! It’s a perfect jar to serve milk or cream. It will certainly remind you of fresh milk coming out of a cows udder. Now I know what’s your reaction at this. It’s ehh? Well, I know this concept looks crazy but nevertheless it’s awesome. After all it reminds you from where milk actually comes from, isn’t it?

Create Angel, Elf or Santa Decoration of yourself in 3D for Christmas

Christmas is just a month away, common people we gotta start a few preparations. JuJups.com has come up with a 3D printing service which can print any design that you like or you have made in 3D. In short they get your design to life. They have come up with something special for Christmas too! You can create 3D figurines of yourself and your loved ones as Angels, Santas, and Elves using the latest in 3D printing technology. Sounds cool isn’t it? Yeah! Certainly!

Solar Powered Emo Robot Cthulhu looks like an Octopus

As I said earlier in my previous solar powered gadget (solar charger) post, nowadays solar powered gadgets are increasing their share with other ordinary gadgets to a great extent. We all have seen several robots but I bet you haven’t seen a solar powered robot that looks like an octopus. Well, here it is- the Cthulhu. Weird name and so is the robot. The robot uses solar energy to make its movement. It has a small vibrating motor attached to a solar engine and solar cell. When there’s enough solar power stored in the cell it wobbles ominously on his many spindly legs.

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