How to Send Files from Computer to iPad on WiFi

With the internet growing rapidly, most of the countries nowadays have good broadband and WiFi speeds. This has facilitated the use internet from a smart phone or a tablet pc at reasonable speeds. iPhones and the iPads are quite in demand these days. I purchased an iPhone 4 last year and I simply love it for its advanced features. Well, there are some people who consider the iPhone and the iPad to be complicated. To be honest, Yes! It is complicated! But, only when you have connected it to your computer and copy some files and so on. If you’re using an Apple device for the first time then you may find it complicating but after a while you will get used to it.

Games for Windows Live Marketplace Desktop Client not Starting or Opening

You might have seen several games nowadays use the Games for Windows Live platform. Well, it is nice when you consider the ability to play games online with others but at the same time it seems to be a bit complicating when errors pop up which may turn out quite frustrating at times. By errors I mean both errors in the desktop client as well as in game. If you’re having problems starting the GFWL desktop client then here’s what you should do:

How to Type Two Lines in One Cell in Excel

Recently, I had a funny experience while I was entering some data in an Excel sheet. Well, I don’t really use Excel that often so that makes it pretty obvious that I would end up doing some crazy stuff. I wanted to type two lines in one cell in Excel but whenever I typed the first line and hit enter it would jump to the next cell.

Clear Stuck Printer Queue in Windows 7

Sometimes if you pass too many print jobs to the printer it may result in the print queue getting stuck. Even if you try to clear it in the list, you can’t. It’s simply frozen. If there is a huge list and you desperately want something to be printed out urgently, this may really drive you crazy. Well, don’t you worry, here are two ways how you can easily clear the printer queue in windows 7:

How to Close all Apps Running in Background in iPhone 4 with one Click

The iOS 4 on the iPhone 4 has the ability to multitask by running apps in the background. This is undoubtedly an interesting feature but at times may drain battery. So, most of the iPhone 4 users like to close the apps running in the back pressing the home button twice and clicking on each app separately to close it. Well, this is certainly tedious, isn’t it?

How to Fix 3194 and 1013 iTunes Error for iPhone 4 in Windows 7

Sometimes jailbreaking may result in iPhone 4 not starting or turning off. For this very reason you may want to restore your iPhone. Recently, when I jailbroke my friends phone with 4.2.1 OS, it worked perfectly but Cydia disappeared so I simply erased the entire iPhone and guess what? It refused to boot again. I tried restoring the firmware via iTunes but unfortunately it did not work and started giving various types of errors like 3194 and 1013. The iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 OS was previously jailbroken using Greenpoison on Windows 7. The device was getting stuck at boot screen and would restart itself. It would not shut down when power button is pressed and neither pressing and holding the home button and power button simultaneously helped.

How to Chat with Facebook Friends on Yahoo Messenger

Facebook keeps amending its layout and features every now and then. This may sometimes turn out to be crazy for some as they are simply not user friendly or useful. The best example is the Facebook chat sidebar. I’m really not comfortable with it and neither do I like to chat using it. Well, if you are a person like me then you can actually chat with Facebook friends on Yahoo IM. Here’s how you do it:

How to Unlock Locked Power Button on a Monitor

I had been away from my home for a while and when I came back and used my computer after a long time I discovered that the power button on the Viewsonic monitor was locked. I was trying to figure out how to unlock it and then voila! Finally something worked out. If your monitor power button gets locked, here’s what you do:

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