Create Bootable Antivirus CD- Dr.Web LiveCD

If your computer with Windows or Linux operating system is experiencing serious malware problems due to which you aren’t able to boot it, you need to make use of a bootable antivirus CD. Today, I came across a free bootable antivrus- Dr.Web LiveCD!

Download Opera Mini 5 for iPhone

iPhone and iPod Touch users had no other alternative to Safari. But, to be honest, I personally didn’t like the Safari browser in the iPhone. I don’t know how many of you will agree on this point. I felt, there were two major drawbacks in the iPhone Safari. Firstly, it was too slow and secondly, it had very few features. I’m a big Opera fan and I was eagerly waiting for Opera to be released on iTunes.

How to Download Multiple Rapidshare Links

If you’re a Rapidshare user you may have noticed that sometimes there are multiple links for a particular file. For instance, for a video file, there may be five to six RAR files. In such a case you need to paste each link separately in your browser to download each and every file. Well, to make things easier, there are two other alternatives.

Get MAC OSX Notifications for Windows 7

If you tried Mac OSX then you may have noticed the fantastic Growl notifications. Well, if you’re a Windows user then you may like to get these. Now, you may be wondering if this is even possible. Well, the interesting part is that Growl is available for Windows too.

Delete Empty Folders in Windows 7

Sick of empty folders here and there? Don’t worry! You can use a small app known as Folder Vanity Remover. It helps you to Delete Empty Folders in Windows 7. It’s a simple and light freeware that’s pretty easy to use.

Make International Calls, Send SMS on iPad using WiFi

You can now make international calls and send SMS on your iPad using Vopium. Vopium is a great app for the beautiful touch screen tablet- Apple iPad. It’s a free app for the iPad that allows you to make low priced national and international calls on VOIP. In addition to this you can also send text messages using your regular mobile number. So, in short this app is actually making your iPad work like an iPhone. Sounds cool isn’t it?

FREE CSS Editors for Windows

When we talk about freewares, everyone’s happy. So, I thought of writing about some freewares. Few minutes ago I was looking for a good CSS editor and to my surprise I came across many free ones. So, I thought of compiling a list of free CSS editors for Windows.

Best Defrag Softwares for Windows

Defragmenting your drive is quite essential but most of us normally don’t give a lot of importance to it. Well, if you have no idea about defragmentation, then it is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems. It organizes the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously.

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