Why Apple released iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5? And, Why you should stop Bragging about iPhone 5

Hurdles in introducing the iPhone 5
The moment the iPhone 4S was announced many of us were disappointed for not being able to see a new design. So, what stopped Apple from introducing a new design?
As far as the features are concerned, we saw all of the expected iPhone 5 features in the iPhone 4S expect the redesign and display. Firstly, to make an entirely new iPhone 5 with a slimmer housing, the parts inside need to be slim too! Which simply means smaller chips, smaller and thinner battery, squeeze the lens, smaller antenna and much more. This would have definitely led to better features in a small housing but would you compromise for shorter battery backup?

Another interesting reason which is apparent from the Appleā€™s market share mentioned earlier is that the iPhone 4 comprises of 50% of the total iPhone market share. Apple did not have enough production lines to keep up with the demand for iPhone 4. So, they are planning to introduce more production lines. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to introduce iPhone 4S with the same housing!

Also, this was a smart move by Apple to play safe. If you try to recall you might remember what happened when the iPhone 4 was launched; it had antenna issues! They did not want to mess up with the brand image by introducing a new iPhone which would be criticized for maybe poor battery life or other problems. They simply wanted to buy more time to work on the iPhone 5! Also, they can wait and see the Samsung Galaxy III and then make the iPhone similar or better than it.

Moreover, this move can help Apple save money involved in redesigning an entirely new iPhone and spend less money in improvising an existing popular device. Apple can later mobilize and pump these earnings into R&D for the new iPhone 5.

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