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Hide Shutdown Option for Non Admin Users in Windows 7

Every user on a Windows computer can shut it down by simply going to the start menu. Well, Windows 8 is an exception because there is not start menu! However in other editions, if you have many users on a particular computer, you may want to disable certain users from shutting down the computer. This may be necessary in a college or school environment where students use the college computers. If one student shuts down the computer, the other student won’t be able to use the computer immediately as it will take time to start. For this purpose you may hide the shutdown option from non administrator accounts. Here’s how you do it:

How to Hide Friends Posts on My Wall in Facebook

I like the privacy options on Facebook but I’m not very convinced with the range of privacy options available. Recently, Facebook has been working hard to combat the threat from Google Plus. Facebook has introduced major changes including the Timeline Profile page which will roll out officially on the 30th of September. Few weeks ago when Facebook introduced new privacy settings for posts I was very impressed. Users can now select and hide status updates from certain friends by creating lists. This feature was present in the popular Chinese social networking site renren but missing in Facebook.

How do I get the New Facebook Timeline Profile Page

If you watched the Facebook F8 event, you definitely might have been mesmerized by the eye candy facebook profile page changes know as ‘The Timeline’. Timeline not only looks great but is amazing too. Facebook is going to roll out the timeline profile page on September 30th. But, if you are a hungry Facebook fan like me, I’m pretty you’ll be dying to try it out. Luckily anyone can try the all new Facebook Timeline profile page at this very moment. You can do this by being a developer.

Sell Photos Clicked on your Phone and Earn Money

Are you a good photographer? Do you like to click snaps on your mobile phone? Did you ever wonder that it can fetch some money for you? Well, if you haven’t wondered then you should! Because you can! Today, I came across an app for iPhone and Android devices known as Scoopshot that allows you to do so. I got attracted by their tagline ‘Snap, send earn’. Scoopshot is developed by P2S Media Group Inc. With Scoopshot you can become a mobile photographer! All you need to do is click a snap with your phone and send it to Scoopshot on your phone.

Unlock Your Android Phone using Volume Buttons

Tired of pressing the power button to unlock your phone? Or, you want to be different from others and press some other button? Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you want to stop using your phones power button to unlock your phone, then you can easily do it using certain apps. I’ll mention two apps that will give you the power to control your Android phone according to your wish.

How to Hide Favicons in Opera, Firefox and Chrome

Favicons are pretty, aren’t they? Well, if you no idea on favicons then Favicons are tiny icons that represent a website. You can usually see them in the address bar next to the webpage address. For instance, if you open, you’ll see a mouse icon next to its name in the address bar. Most of us find these icons pretty and easy to identify a website. However, there are some that believe the bookmarks list doesn’t look professional or looks messy once due to too many favicons. Well, whatever maybe the reason, if you’re a favicon hater, then you can hide them in your favourite browser. Here’s how you do it:

View Normal Version of a Website on iPhone, iPad

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you might have noticed that when you visit certain websites you won’t be able to view the normal version or the real version of the website that you would see if accessed from your computer. In short, you are being presented with a mobile version of the actual website. Most of the websites usually have an option to switch to the normal or the real version of the website. However, there are some websites that don’t present you with an option to switch to ‘normal version’.

Desktop Shutdown Shortcut for Windows 8 for a Quick Shutdown

Hardware these days is simply amazing when you compare it back to the hardware five years ago. Everything’s happening very fast and the modern generation needs it fast just like the fast food. Well, let me stick to the point! The point here is ‘the need for a quick shutdown’. Now that the Windows 8 Developer preview is out, most of the geeks are busy playing around with it. I observed that to shut down Windows 8, you need to open the Windows 8 settings pane and click on the power option and then finally select the Shutdown icon to Shut down your windows 8 computer.

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