How to Type in Paragraphs in Facebook Chat

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest attraction for every internet user these days. Almost every internet has a facebook account. The chat feature in Facebook is quite attractive and user friendly. But, the facebook chat box does not have any enter button to send the chat message to your friend. To send a message in chat all you need to do is type a message and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Then the question arises “How do you type in large paragraphs?”. I am not sure how many of you really bother about this and type in paragraphs but it is certainly worth mentioning. The reason for this is simple. If you have a habit of typing one word and hitting the enter key then it may turn out to be annoying for your friend because he needs to scroll a long sentence or more which are actually written in single words every line.

Irrespective of whether your friend gets annoyed or not, if you are interested in typing in paragraphs or page breaks and hitting the button just once then here’s what you can do:

The first way is to type a message text with page break in Notepad, Word or WordPad and then copy paste it in facebook chat and hit the enter key. This is suitable for a long message.

The other way is by using Shift + Enter key. Every time you want to type in a new paragraph then press the shift and enter key and start typing in a new paragraph.



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