Install Android 2.1 User Interface on Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233, 5235

Few years ago, the word Symbian was in every mobile users mind and everyone used to feel Symbian mobile operating system was like a God among mobile phones because there wasn’t any other operating system that could be better than it. But, now things have changed! It’s Android now! Android is gaining a lot of acceptance these days for its brilliant features and user friendly interface. Well, if you’re a Nokia user then you may want to get some Android brains on it. If you own a Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233 or 5235 then here’s how you can get Android UI on it:

NOTE: This will not install Android on your phone, it will only install user interface. You can uninstall it anytime if you aren’t comfortable with it.

How to Install Android 2.1 on Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233, 5235?

1. Download GDesk.rar from here and extract its contents to a separate folder called ‘Gdesk’.
3. Copy the folder to your phone memory
4. Now, Go to Gdesk\Gdesk v0.33g install SIS and install all applications. The files to be installed are listed below:


While you try to install the above files, your phone will not allow you to install GDeskTaskManS60.0.33g.sis. It may give an error saying ‘Certificate is expired’.

You have to sign the application and install it. You can generate a certificate by going here and sign it.

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  • Brix1994

    I already install the “Gdesktaskmans60.0.33g.signed.sis” but when i tried to install it an error appears saying “Unable to install. Constrained by the certificate” please help me….

  • Vmagese

    mine works 

  • wooooo

  • Hey guys, after all the stages you go into applications and GDesk icon will be there. Click it, and once opened, click the bottom right corner that it had opened a start and you clickdesing, then load design, then you select the file in the folder where istalou all files iseasy. haha 

  • Jonathan Zathureczky

    i cant download android to my nokia 5230!

  • Ghii Cruz

    How to install the Gdesk v0.33g install SIS.

  • Ghii Cruz

    I can’t install the Gdesk v0.33g install SIS.

  • Ádám

    language to choose??

  • Ádám

    Hungarian language is?

  • kapilgola

    Please tell me How to download And Install that.. plz tell On My Email adress :

  • ઝ ૯ √ ¡ ท

    link off

  • ravi teja

    just download free signer app

  • Srinivas

    Hi, will it work now???

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