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Facebook Submit Button Gone! How to Get it Back?

Recently, when I was using Facebook I noticed that the submit button had disappeared. Confused? I’m talking about the Facebook submit comment button while posting a comment. Well, Facebook actually removed the ‘submit’ button but introduced a new option that allows users to edit their comment which wasn’t possible earlier. This sounds great but there’s one thing that’s really annoying! If you want to type a big message in the comment box and if you hit the enter button to start a new paragraph, BAM! The comment is posted!

Sell Used Apple Products for Good Rates

Apple keeps introducing new products every now and then. The best example is the iPhone. It has already released four iPhone’s in the past four years and is going to release a new one this year. With new interesting and eye candy features in the newer version we are easily tempted to buy it. I had purchased an iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone two years ago. Now, it’s pretty old but works like a charm. The only problem is it doesn’t support 3G and I cannot use most of the SIM cards that support 3G. This is certainly a serious drawback but apart from that I really love this phone. Last year I purchased an iPhone 4 and the old iPhone is of no use for me. I just want to sell it but I don’t really feel like selling it as I won’t get a good deal. I would rather keep it with me.

How to Remove Excel Grids or Gridlines in Word

Gridlines refer to the lines on a spreadsheet that show each individual cell. If you embed an Excel sheet into Microsoft Word, along with the data the gridlines will also appear. If you want to keep only text and not the gridlines in Word then here’s what you do:

How to Improve iPhone 4 OS 4.3 Battery Life

If you recently updated your iPhone 4 to OS 4.3 then you might have observed that the battery life has reduced a little bit. I updated my iPhone 4 to OS 4.3 two days back and realized that the battery started draining out pretty faster than it did before. This is simply because of the built in ping function as reported by several users. Ping uses its own framework resulting in more processor usage and network traffic. Apparently, this is due to a bug in the framework which causes ghost processes.

How to Remove Paste Icon in Word 2007

I was busy doing my dissertation work in Word 2007 and all of a sudden a paste button came over my text that I was typing, this really drove me crazy. Well, this wasn’t the first time the paste appeared but it was the first time that it did seem to bother me. So, I decided to get rid of this button by looking for the option to disable it. After a bit of searching, I was able to disable it. Here’s how you do it:

How to Change AutoRecover File Location in Office 2010

If you are a regular Microsoft Office user then you might be aware of the AutoRecover feature in it. Well, if you aren’t aware of it then it is a feature that recovers a file if there is a system crash or a program crash before the file is actually saved.

Delete Browsing History of Multiple Browsers at Once

Nowadays, most of us use more than one web browsers for surfing the web. The reason for this is pretty clear! It’s simply because we don’t get everything that we want in one browser so we end up using several browsers. Well, if you are using more than one browser then you may have to spend more time maintaining them. For instance; deleting browsing history, cookies, etc in different browsers.

How to Create a Wifi Hotspot in Windows XP

A WiFi hotspot is handy if you don’t have a WiFi router. If you have an Ethernet connection then you can easily create a WiFi connection which other devices like iPhone, laptops, etc can join. Setting up a wifi hotspot on Windows XP is not easy as Windows 7 but nevertheless it is helpful. Well, if you are using Windows XP then here’s a guide that will show you how to create a WiFi hotspot using Windows XP.

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