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What is the Best Allocation Unit Size for Hard Disk?

Allocation unit size refers to the cluster size. You need to select an allocation unit size while formatting a new hard disk. Usually, the default cluster size while formatting is 4096 bytes. If you are interested in knowing your hard disks’ cluster size then you can find it by looking at ‘How to Find the Cluster Size of Hard Disk’.

Root Motorola XOOM [Guide]

Tablets are gaining a lot of popularity these days. It started with the iPad. You might be aware of the Motorola XOOM. I must say it’s a lovely tablet. If own a Motorola XOOM and wish to root it then there’s good news for you. Motorola XOOM has been rooted by Brian. Here are the detailed instructions for rooting:

Foldable Battery Dock for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Poster

Ever since the iPhone 4 had released there were rumors about the iPhone 5. Well, this has happened with every iPhone so far! While surfing, I stumbled upon a Chinese website that showed a poster from GoPod Mobile International Consumer Electronics Show, United States which says ‘Foldable battery dock for iphone 5 and ipad2’. Sounds a bit crazy, ain’t it?

How to Find the Cluster Size of Hard Disk

Cluster size is nothing but the allocation unit size used while formatting the hard disk. The default cluster size is usually 4096 bytes. You can find out the cluster size of a hard disk by doing the following:

iPhone 5 Features a Larger Screen Size

A picture of the digitizer panel of the iPhone 5 appeared on a Chinese reseller of Apple parts website. The design looks pretty much similar to the iPhone 4. But, the only difference is that the panel edges appear to be much more smaller than the iPhone 4 which in turn makes the iPhone 5 screen bigger! The measurement of the screen is unknown but it could possibly be a 4 inch display.

Are your Teeth White Enough? Find it out with iTeeth Colour

Ever felt like hiding your smile when the photographer says ‘Cheese’? Well, you don’t need to anymore! With, iTeeth you can give your best smile and check out how white your teeth are. iTeeth Colour is an iPhone/ iPad application that can be used professionally to evaluate your teeth whiteness. You can count upon it as it uses official scale used by dental professionals.

Access and Use Facebook from your Email

Facebook is turning out to be an ‘essential’ for most of us. When you go anywhere, you see someone or the other using Facebook. In certain countries Facebook is the number one website leaving behind Google and Yahoo. Now, that’s an interesting fact isn’t it? Well, let’s leave the facts aside and stick to the title.

How to Remove Unwanted Startup Programs in Windows 7

Startup programs play a vital role in the startup speed of your computer. Whenever you install a new program on your computer, it usually starts up when you start the computer. Well, I’m speaking about programs like web browsers, music players, burning softwares, etc. You don’t really need these programs to start up when you start your computer. These programs actually reduce the startup speed. Removing unwanted startup programs will help you to improve Windows 7 startup speed.

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