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It is the aim of almost every web owner to generate some income out of the website after sometime. A web owner keeps looking for Good CPM Networks after a primary source of revenue like Adsense. It’s mainly because an additional advertising network will help to supplement revenue. Moreover, CPM Advertising Networks offer video content publishers better monetization than Adsense. There are several CPM based networks, here’s a list of some of the good ones out there.

Good CPM Advertising Networks

I personally use TribalFusion and would surely recommend it to anyone. The earning rate is pretty good. But, sadly, TribalFusion pays only 55% of the total earnings to publishers. But, the reporting panel is pretty cool.

Burst Media supports thousands of websites, but it doesn’t have features like other networks offer. Burst Media has the ability to fill many advertising spots, and the support team is good as well. The great part is that users receive 65% of the total revenue.

Value Click Media:
Value Click Media is pretty good, neither great nor bad. The pay rates are pretty decent. The reporting is little crappy and the user interface is a little slow. But, it’s not easy to get approved by Value Click Media.

Realtech Network:
It’s pretty easy to get approved by this network but I didn’t like it that much. The pay rates are really low.

AdsDaq provide CPM ads to only to certain countries. But, they can display backup ads from any network. It has a good CPM rate and is definitely a good choice.

Casale Media:
Casale Media offers competitive payouts i.e.; 70%, a user friendly interface and reporting, and different ad types such as leaderboards, skyscrapers, and pops.

Out of the above listed CPM Networks, I like Tribal Fusion and the next two options would be Burst Media and AdsDaq.



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