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Today, I came across a great video on YouTube that allows you to turn your iPhone into iPad. This also works on iPod Touch. If you’re an Apple fan I’m pretty sure that you are aware of their new gadget- Apple iPad. Well, different people have different opinions on it. Some believe that it’s a great step towards how the computers will be used in the future but, I personally feel that it is nothing but an enlarged version of an iPod.

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As we all know that the iPhone, iPod, iPad use the same operating system. Well, the iPad has a little bit tweaked OS with a slight change in look and has a few extra features here and there. Since the OS are similar it’s possible to make an iPhone/iPod look like an iPad in terms of interface. Have a look at the below video for detailed instructions:

Things that you need to make your iPhone/ iPod look like an iPad:

From Cydia– Winterboard, Simple iPad Theme, MakeItMine app, Shrink app, ProSwitcher.
From App Store– NYTimes, Classics and Kindle.

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  • Great tutorial. While I didn’t want to turn my iPhone into an iPad (I’m one of the ones that really isn’t impressed with the latter) I did like some of the apps like ProSwitcher and MakeItMine, which I installed. Thanks again.

  • Yeah, those apps are pretty cool 🙂

  • dragos

    man..u are the best site i ever seen keep going:) i m a suscriber:]

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