How to Unlock iPhone 2G with OS 3.1.3

If you are using iPhone 2G then there’s good news for you! The latest operating system 3.1.3 can be jailbroken as well as unlocked on iPhone 2G. It’s because the baseband doesn’t get updated when you update the firmware. I just unlocked mine yesterday. Well, here’s a short tutorial to unlock an iPhone 2G:

Files required:
iPhone 3.1.2 firmware
iPhone 3.1.3 firmware
Bootloader Files – bl39.bin & bl46.bin.

Redsn0w 0.9.4

How to Unlock iPhone 2G with OS 3.1.3

Firstly, update your iPhone’s firmware to 3.1.3 using iTunes.

Create a folder on desktop and name it as ‘RedsnOw’. Download iPhone 3.1.2, 3.1.3 firmwares and redsn0w. Also, download Bootloader Files – bl39.bin & bl46.bin. Save all the downloaded files in this folder.

Now, connect your iPhone using the USB cable.

Start RedsnOw, browse the 3.1.2 .ipsw firmware file from the folder and click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

If you want to unlock the iPhone then select ‘Unlock’ option from the window. Make sure you also select ‘Install Cydia’. Once done, click on ‘Next’ to continue.

A bootloader window will appear, perform the instructions given on the screen.

Once you finish with the above process switch off the device and click ‘Next’ to start with DFU mode. Put your phone in DFU mode by using screen instructions. (Hold the power and home button simultaneously and connect the cable. You need to hold them for 10 seconds and then release the power button while holding the home button. Hold until the phone enters into DFU mode.)

The redsnOw tool will automatically start the unlocking procedure. Just wait for few minutes to get your iPhone unlocked.



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  • happypuppy

    It worked on 14th of April 2011 on my G2 Iphone after I was so stupid to connect it to Itunes to upgrade…could only make emergency calls. But I had to download the ipsw firmware with firefox instead of internet explorer and turn of my AVG protection. I’m an idiot, never did anything like this…thanx!!

  • malik10

    It depends on the browser you use to download the file. Just change the zip extension to Ipsw. If it still remains a zip file, use a different Internet browser and re-download

  • Laska

    pidarasy naxhuj

  • Ionut Iavor

    Hi, I downloaded both iPhone 3.1.2 firmware and iPhone 3.1.3 firmware (zip archive), unziped them, but when I browse with redsnow as well as with explorer, there is no ipsw file. Can you help me pls?

  • thnx for the post ……….. unlocking is great problem right after you got the latest jailbreak …………

  • Kirpal

    You are just simply **AWESOME***!!!!

  • Slava0614

    Thanks you so much…

  • Paopaocafe

    Works like a charm, TNX!!! 

    THANKS THANKS THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Safsadfsaf

    Works like a charm=) thanks m8


    what if my iphone has a broken power and home button, how can i put it into dfu mode?

  • Anonymous

    Either it’s broken or you have a duplicate phone
    Well, either way it’s trash!

  • Nerminmelikli


  • Alexgarciarod

    It works perfectly!

  • Nlreventar

    thanks! it worked on my iPhone! you’re such a BIG HELP! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Viraj

    i uploaded my iphone 2g wid dis 3.1.3 firmware frm 1.1.1 n now its locked….
    i’m tryin my best to unlock it but can fig out anything…
    please help guys….

  • Nerminmelikli

    ohh thank u )))) u r the best!! it really works ! i absolutely recommend it)))))))

  • Orezadom

    thanks you are the best!

  • Kofiyamoah

    it works god bless you man

  • Jerinmv

    THANQQUUUUUUUUUUU…………….I hv beinh tryin 2 unlock ma iphone 2g about 2 monthz….som tomes i felt bin ma phone….atlast this site helped me….thnqu a lot…..this is working….i done it..nw im in d top of everst….

  • sridhar

    Hi Thank you verymuch.I have been trying to sort this out for 2 months. It worked and thanks to you

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  • that rapidshare link doesnt work now, you can get redsn0w and the bootloaders here

  • Azimo_17cool

    i did the steps and waited for 20 mins so it reboot but it still dark screen didnt finished..what to do help please//….

  • Anonymous

    what OS are you using? And, at what stage exactly did this happen?

  • BHushan..

    THanxxxx,……ur d best…luv u…

  • Sait Kadafi

    Thank You for saving Me
    its such an easy process i cant believe it really u helped me a lot buddy
    warm regards SAIT KADAFI

  • Sait Kadafi

    Thank You for saving Me
    its such an easy process i cant believe it really u helped me a lot buddy
    warm regards SAIT KADAFI

  • Erindmekshi

    thnx uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu man i am an it but im nothing behind u

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