Useful Bing Search Tips and Tricks

I’m pretty sure you may have heard about the new search engine- ‘Bing’ from Microsoft. Nowadays, I usually use Bing instead of Google. I feel it’s a lot better than Google search but it’s just in Beta stage and has a long way to go in order to compete with Google search. Well, if you are planning to try out Bing then have a look at the below tips and tricks.

Bing Search Engine Tips and Tricks

Best Match Feature:
Bing features a ‘Best match’ feature, which sets up the best result in a distinct, easily accessible space at the top of the page. It helps you to identify which result might be most useful, particularly when one link clearly provides the official or authoritative source of information. It’s something similar to the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature in Google.

Quick Preview, summary of links:
Whenever you search any word, you get a list of links. On the right hand side of the link you’ll notice a small arrow when you hove the mouse over it. Click on it to get a summary of the link on the right hand side. This is really helpful if you want to go to the exact link where you have the stuff you require.

Related links/ searches:
Bing also displays related links for the keywords you search. You can have a look at related links on the left hand sidebar.

Save or Mail search Results:
You can save each and every search that you perform on Bing. You can also mail searches to your contacts using the Microsoft Silverlight feature.

Direct Download MP3s:
You can easily download MP3’s using Bing. Simply search for the artist or album name followed by ‘contains:mp3’. For instance rammstein contains:mp3. It will yield search results that have link to MP3 files of Rammstein.

Preview video search results:
This feature is something similar to the summary of the links feature mentioned above. Whenever you search for a particular video in Bing, you can preview it in the search results page itself before actually going to the page and viewing it. Just hove your mouse over it to play and preview video.

Using the Bing: Full Version:
If you aren’t a North American resident then you are missing a lot of Bing features. To enjoy all the features simply go to and set your language as English – US. You should now have access to all the features.

RSS in search:
Add &format=rss to the end of a link and press enter. You should be able to RSS feeds.



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