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Repair and Fix Windows Media Player

I have seen many users using Windows Media player. It’s not only a popular one but also good music player. But, to be honest I don’t like it that much. I prefer other players like iTunes and VLC.

Download YouTube HD Videos on Computer

I believe that by now everyone knows that YouTube now supports HD 720p and full-HD 1080p. We can enjoy a great viewing experience with YouTube as videos look bigger and better. Well, if you are interested in downloading such videos then you do so using a freeware known as YouTube HD Transfer.

Delete/ Remove Duplicate PST Files in Outlook

If you find an unnecessary duplicate PST file in Outlook that appears in the form of archives then you may want to get rid of it to avoid confusion. When you try to delete such a file or folder you may get an error that says “There was an error. Object was not found”. To get rid of it you can use a small tool known as CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster.

Cut/ Split Mp3 Files Online with MP3cut

Wanna cut an mp3 or split it into two? Well, you don’t need to search for a software for doing that. There’s an easy way! MP3cut is a web based service that allows you to cut mp3 files with ease.

How to Get Subtitles for any Movie (.srt)

Sometimes, even though you maybe good in English you may not understand certain accents. In such a case you may need subtitles to understand what they are saying. You may also need subtitles if you are watching a movie which is not in your language.

How to Fix Pidgin Unexpected Response Connection Error

If you’re using Pidgin and you might have came across an ‘Unexpected Response’ connection error while connecting to AIM, ICQ. The error usually says, “Received unexpected response from”. Well, here’s a small fix that should solve the problem.

Covert Text into Images and Protect Privacy

Nowadays, one should be really careful while sharing confidential and private information over the web. I have observed that some people just share their phone numbers, email Ids, etc anywhere without even knowing the outcomes. There are lots of web crawlers and spammers these days. If you give your email ID to unreliable sources then there are high risks of receiving spam mails in your inbox.

Free JAR to EXE Converter

JAR 2 EXE converter is a freeware that helps you to easily convert any JAR file (MIDP application, such as Nokia Mobile Games) into an EXE file in Win32 NHAL Emulator which comes along with the software. You can run the midlets just like you would run exe files on a windows based computer.

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