How to Reset Nokia Lock Code

Some of us use the Nokia Lock Code/ Security Code to protect our phones from being used by others. But, sometimes we end up forgetting the code. It happened to many of my friends and once to myself. In such a case formatting your phone won’t solve the problem as it will still ask for the security code. Well, if you have forgotten the Nokia lock code, here’s how you reset it:

How to Reset Nokia Lock Code or Security Code

Resetting Nokia Security Code to 12345 using Memory card:

Firstly, you need to get hold of card reader. Connect it to your computer and place the memory card of your phone in it.

Download the Unlock File from here (link2) and unzip it.

Now, you need to create the following directory and copy thc-nokia-unlock.mdl in it:


Once you have copied the file, remove the memory card and place it into your phone.

Now start the locked phone and wait for some time. Let this tool reset the code for you. Enter 12345 in the code box when prompted.

Voila! The code works!

[Trick by etricks]

Resetting Security Code or Lock Code Using Mastercode:
You can also reset your mobiles security code using the master code. To do so, you need to first make a note of your IMEI no. and then go to this site and type it in the IMEI code box. It will display the master code. Enter the code in your mobile. That’s it! It should work fine now.



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