Unable to Attach Files in Email, How to Send?

Unable to attach files in an email? What may be the reason? How do I attach unattached files? Well, I’m pretty sure that you might have come across such a problem at least once if not many times and these questions struck your mind. There may be several reasons for this problem. The file maybe huge in size, the email provider doesn’t allow you to attach that particular type of file, upload error due to server issues, etc.

How to attach files when I get an error “Unable to Attach Files”?

Let me list some solutions that you can try out to solve this problem. Firstly, check the file size upload limit allowed by the email provider. For instance, Gmail doesn’t allow you to upload more than 20MB file. If the file you decide to attach is slightly more than 20MB you may try compressing the file using WinZip, 7z or WinRar and then upload it.

Another solution, probably an ideal one for sending larger files via Email is by uploading it to file hosting services. There are many file hosting services these days. You may upload your file to tinyupload, mediafire, etc, paste the download link for the file in your Email and then send it.

Secondly, if you are accessing email via an internet browser then you may try configuring Outlook Express and try uploading the attachment there. This may solve your problem.

Thirdly, if you’re using an older version of Outlook Express (2000) and your attachment is large, you can enable the automatic attachment cutting feature. You can do so by going to Tools> Accounts> Mail> Properties> Advanced> Check the option “Break apart messages larger than”. Specify the size and click “ok”.



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