Can I Know If Someone Visited my Facebook Profile?

Facebook is one of the most secure social networking websites at present. If you compare it to MySpace and Orkut, you’ll definitely feel Facebook is much safer. Well, in India I have seen a lot of people using Orkut more than any other social networking sites. To be honest I feel it’s one of the most boring social networking sites out there. Moreover, if you check out the new Orkut, it’s improved a little bit but the color schemes are horrible. Oh well! Let me stop criticizing and stick to the topic.

If you are a regular Facebook user you may have noticed that you don’t see any sort of information regarding to your profile visitors. And, that says it all! You can’t trace who actually visited your profile. In addition to this there are not apps as well that could help you to trace visitors.

And, what if they browse my pictures?
Like I said earlier, Facebook is pretty safe. By default all the profiles are private, only those in your friends list can view your information. If you change the settings and make it public then anyone can access it and view your information. And, regarding your pictures, make sure the album privacy settings are not set to ‘Everyone’ or else everyone will be able to see your photos.

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