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Nowadays, hardly anyone has a fax machine. But, if you want to send a fax to someone then it’s a problem. But, don’t you worry! You can send fax online using free online fax services. Here’s a list of some free online fax services:

MyFax allows you to send free fax anywhere anytime. You can send free faxes to 41 countries. To see if your country is in the list check out the country drop down menu on MyFax website.

FaxZero allows you to send free faxes to US and Canada. But, an advertisement appears on the cover page of the fax which certainly shouldn’t be a problem. But, there are two restrictions- firstly, you can send one two faxes per day. Secondly, each fax can be of only 3pages.

Free Worldwide fax:
Wolrdwide fax service by CCOL allows you to send international faxes with ease.

With this service you can send free fax via web and receive fax via email. It supports many countries but it includes ads.

That’s it for now! I’ll list some more free fax services if I come across. Well, if you ask which is my favorite one then I would say MyFax because it is easy to use and supports more countries.



3 comments for “FREE Online Fax Services”

  • Though there are many free email fax service online I think I would prefer a paid subscription. More companies are offering affordable and feature-packed plans.Free sometimes means limited or lacking features.

  • ZXT

    I use Onesuite internet fax service. Their pricing is next to free as the cost for unlimited incoming fax is only $1 a month that comes with local fax number.

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