How to Disable Touchpad while Typing

The touchpad on a laptop may be annoying at times, especially when you are typing an article or email and your hand touches the touch pad. For this very reason you may like to disable the touchpad on your laptop. But, if you go to Control Panel> Mouse properties and disable the touchpad then you need to enable it again when you need it so it’s not advisable.

Disable Touchpad while Typing

There’s a utility known as TouchFreeze which disables the touchpad only while you’re typing. You don’t need to go to control panel to disable it. This utility disables the touchpad automatically every time you type.

Download TouchFreeze



5 comments for “How to Disable Touchpad while Typing”

  • This happens to me all the time (I guess I have heavy thumbs). Sounds like a great tool. Doesn’t say if it supports Windows7, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

  • Hmmm… It happens for most of us.
    Ywah! No idea if it works on Win7. But, you can give it a try..

  • Did you try it?

  • westend

    This TouchFreeze does not work on all systems, it did not work on mine, but the following one did:

  • forid alom

    what is the cost of it?

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