How to View PDF Files on Zune

Unfortunately, there’s no way to view PDF files on Zune directly. Hence we cannot enjoy ebooks on Zune. But, you can view it provided it’s a text file. EsotericGuy from instructables explained this. Ok, so let me elaborate and explain how you can view a PDF file on your Zune by converting it into text.

Firstly, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader and save it as a text (.txt) file.

Now, download jpegbook (link at the bottom of the post) and extract the contents to a separate folder.

Launch jpegbook.exe and go to Edit> Output Size> QVGA(V). This will set the output to 320×240.

Now go to File> Open Text File. Now browse for the file that you saved earlier in the form of a text file.

Once, you open it you’ll see the contents in the window.

You can also choose a background by going to File> Open background. I have chosen one. I know it looks kinda lame though.

Select an appropriate output folder by clicking on the output button below the start button.

Once you’re done with everything, click on Start. You need to do the same to every page to process all the pages as images. The out will be located in the output folder. Transfer the folder into your Zune.

The above is an example of the output of first page. I know this is not an efficient way to read a PDF on Zune but unfortunately there’s no other alternative.

Download jpegbook




3 comments for “How to View PDF Files on Zune”

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  • LM

    You can convert from PDF to JPEG without the text step using an Open Source program like Imagemagick. You may have some issues with getting the text in the PDF large enough to make it easily viewable in JPEG format, but it is doable. Have some more tips on the conversion at my site. Was hoping there was an easier or more efficient method though. It takes a lot of disk space to store text information as graphics.

  • Nancy

    I’m trying to get a book onto my Zune and followed the instructions about converting the PDF to a TXT format, which I had no problem doing. What I’m confused about it that it seems I have to do each page separately??? This book has more than 200 pages, so if this is true, it could take hours to do this. Am I doing something wrong?

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