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Today, I would like to share with you’ll a good collection of Ubuntu Themes. The Ubuntu operating system is not very well known among people. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS are kind of dominating at present. But, Ubuntu is also slowly gaining a lot of acceptance. Ubuntu is initially a little difficult to use but nevertheless it’s an amazing operating system. All, those who haven’t tried it yet must check it out. I tried it on my friends pc and was really impressed. I also came across some wonderful Ubuntu themes, so I thought of sharing with you’ll. I hope you’ll like it. I’ll update the list as soon as I get new ones.

Download New Flow Wave

Download Ubuntu Moomex

Download Aqua Dreams

Download Hardy Theme 2.0

Download Linux Mint Theme for Ubuntu

Nodaka Dust Cold Ubuntu Theme

Download chris0-OSX-Black Theme

Download ubuntu Royale blue theme

Download Newbuntu theme

Download Clearlooks metallico theme

Download Creamy Modern Theme

Download Darker Theme

Download Lux Theme

Download Burnt Orange Ice Theme

Download  Linsta Theme

Download Nimbus theme



7 comments for “Download Ubuntu Themes”

  • I don’t have words to say thank you. I was looking for Themes in Ubuntu since a long long time.

  • While the themes may not be well know, the operating itself is widely known to PC users. When it comes to the Windows/Linux wars, Ubuntu is one of the distros at the front.

    With 8-13 million users, according to and, I think quite a number of people are aware of Ubuntu.

  • Nice stats Trinae…. Ubuntu is really cool but it’s takes a little time to get used to it though
    @tech-freakstuff- You’re welcome

  • Frank

    Why is everything made for Ubuntu?
    Would I need to stop using Fedora to use these themes?

  • Really great list of ubuntu themes. I tried New Flow Wave on my computer and I like it. The problem is I like ClearLooks more 😀 so I changed it back

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  • i jizzed.

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