How to Convert Black and White Picture to Color

Got a Black and White picture? Want to make it colored? Well, it’s pretty easy! You can do it with Photoshop. Today, I’ll show you how it’s done:

  1. Open the black and white picture/photo in Photoshop.
  2. Go to Image> and change the color mode to RGB.
  3. Zoom the picture to about 300%.
  4. Now on the left hand side click on the magnetic lasso tool. To start editing, we need to first select the objects that appear on the front and then edit the ones on back later.
  5. I have taken the girl into consideration. I used the magnetic lasso tool and selected the girls T shirt. To select an object simply move the cursor over the edges of the object after one click and make a circular motion around the object. The object will be selected.
  6. Now press CTRL + J to make a new layer via copy.
  7. Now select the newly created layer and go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation. A new window will pop up which will look like the above. Click on colorize. Now you need to play with the three tabs to get a realistic effect. When you’re moving the tabs you can see the changes in the picture too. Once you are satisfied click ok.
  8. Next, select another object and repeat the process. And, finally you’ll end up with a colorized picture. Pretty easy isn’t it. I was kinda lazy in colorizing the whole picture that’s why I just colorized the girls top and jeans.

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