How to Get Google Wave Invites

Google Wave is a perfect blend of email, instant messaging and social networking. Google Wave will be one of the biggest products from Google and will surely receive a great response from internet users. Google has started sending Google Wave invitations for the limited preview of Google Wave to the first 100,000 signups for Wave.

Using Google Wave, users can work simultaneously on a task –such as a party, trip, sketching a business plan, etc using email, digital maps, video, photos and even voice communication.

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How to Get a Google Wave Invitation?

If you need an invite then you need to be invited by one of those first 100,000 sign ups. But, if you don’t have mates with a Google invite then you need to wait until someone gets one and sends you. Make sure that you don’t fall prey to folks on eBay selling Google Wave invites. Then how can you get an invite? Well, here are two ways that you should try out:

Try requesting an invite at Google Wave website. If you’re lucky enough you may get one.
You may also try following #GoogleWave and #GoogleWaveInvite on Twitter. If you’re lucky you might get hold of an invite.

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10 comments for “How to Get Google Wave Invites”

  • Can you believe it? People are selling Google Wave Invites? Would you pay $57 for one?

  • Hudson

    I got one from and am really thankful for them. They posted one just the time I opened the site. I knew others would be quick to grab it, so I tried my best and got luck. 😀

  • Grstar

    I have just had a look on Hudson’s link. It has good information on inviting google wave, the site is now moved to I think its worth reading the stuff and moreover to following twitter link of google wave product manager.

  • Niklas Petersson
  • Niklas, I sent you an invite. 🙂

  • I have 22 that im giving awat at my website all i ask is you comment on my blog post here Google Wave Invites

  • alex

    I get 30 google wave invites to sell just for 5$/invite
    if u r interested just contact me.

  • If you guys are still out there looking for invites, then don’t!!! I just visited a website which has wrote a free guide on how you can get your invite by yourself from Google itself! just visit and read the guide and get your invite as I did after just two days!

  • Usman

    hey can I have an invite as well..
    I am really looking since ages but to no avail yet…:(

    can anyone help me in this…
    please send it on

  • Hi Usman…

    It’s really weird to see someone after a long time asking for a Google wave invite…

    Anyways, no probs… I just sent you one… Cheers

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