Free GTalk Themes

When I searched over the web I noticed that there were hardly any Gtalk Themes. So, I decided to make some. Previously I had made some celebrity Orkut themes which most of you liked, so I thought of sharing with you’ll some GTalk celebrity themes that I made today. These themes not only have great backgrounds of celebrities but also have emoticons integrated in them.

>>Installation Instructions:
Firstly, download the theme you like.
Extract its contents to ‘C:\Users\Your username here\AppData\Local\Google\Google Talk\themes\user\chat’ folder.
Once done start GTalk and go to Settings> Appearance> and choose the theme you downloaded.

>>GTalk Themes:

Jessica Alba theme

Megan Fox Theme

Megan Fox Hot on Bed Theme

Hrithik Roshan Theme

Hrithik Roshan Macroman Theme

Katrina Kaif Theme

Priyanka Chopra Theme



8 comments for “Free GTalk Themes”

  • Great find there Joel.

    I’m curious, can we do the same kind of thing, but for the general Gmail theme? I know there are already quite a few, but I would love to have a custom one.

  • Hi MathieuB,

    You mean to say in the GMail browser chat box? I’m afraid that’s not possible.

  • Praveen

    Hi Joel,

    Great Job. Can You please tell us how you made these. I would like to make a personalised theme for myself with my personal pics

  • sam

    its very easy go to this location C:\Documents and Settings\Your username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk\themes\user and replace the jesica pic by yours and dont forgot the size of pic

  • i want to this background

  • Matherflower
  • Matherflower

    i want to this backfroung

  • Matherflower

    i want to this background

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