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Find Orkut Friends on Facebook

Nowadays, many Orkut users are moving to Facebook. I myself got bored using Orkut and now I only use Facebook. Facebook is not only better but is less buggy too. If you’re a person like me who has an Orkut account but you don’t visit there and would like to import Orkut contacts on Facebook then here’s how you do it:

Convert Website into PDF

Ever wanted to read a website as a PDF file? I’m pretty sure you wanted to. But why would you want to do that? There are several reason for you to do so. Firstly, it’s helpful if you don’t have regular internet access. Secondly, if you don’t have time to read the articles and would like to read it sometime later. Well, there may be other reasons too. So, let’s speak about how you can convert a website into a PDF file.

FREE Nokia 5800 Apps, Games

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Nokia 5800 Apps and Games were very few when the phone was launched. It was mainly due to the all new Symbian platform- S60 v5. But, now there are many apps and games. I thought of listing some. Note that these apps will also work on other S60 V5 based phones like N97.

Shortcut key to Create New Folder

A shortcut key to create a new folder is essential especially when you deal with many folders. You just can’t go to right click menu and create a new folder every time, it’s time consuming isn’t it? So, let’s speak about Windows shortcut keys to create new folders with ease.

Improve Laptop Battery Backup

A laptops battery backup is the time it can survive on a full charge. Nowadays, a laptop’s batter backup matters a lot, especially when you are travelling. Apart from this reason there may be several others. So how can you improve your laptops battery backup or battery life?

How To Reset Windows Password

Did you ever want to reset your Windows Password when you lost it? But, I’m sure you had no idea how to do it and hence you ended up formatting the OS. But there’s an easy alternative! PC Login Now is a freeware that comes handy in such a situation. With this software you can easily reset local administrator and other accounts passwords without reinstalling the system. The Windows registry is protected by Syskey, but PCLoginNow can easily bypass this mechanism and reset the Windows passwords.

Windows 7 Compatible AntiVirus Programs

Windows 7 has not yet been officially launched and most of us have already got hold of Windows 7. I’m sure Windows 7 will do pretty good at launch. I’m really pleased by its features and improvements over Vista. Well, if you upgraded from Windows Vista then you don’t need to worry much about software compatibility but still there are a few softwares that don’t work.

Access Blocked Meebo

Certain Employers block access to chat applications like GTalk, Yahoo IM, MSN, etc. So, in such a situation how do you access your favorite chat application? Meebo is the solution! If you aren’t aware of Meebo then, it’s a chat application that allows users to keep in touch with friends across dozens of IM platforms, including AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, MySpace IM, Facebook Chat, and more. But, sometimes you can’t access meebo as well!

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