PSP Dead Pixel Fixer

Stuck Pixels and dead pixels are annoying. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t provide support to fix Stuck or Dead pixel issues. If you are frustrated with such a problem then here’s a quick solution that you can try out.

I came across a Stuck pixel fixer developed by a guy on PSP-vault. So how does it work? It continuously flashes Green, Blue & Red colors on the screen to fix any stuck pixels.

Here’s what the developer has to say:

It has worked around 60% of the time. I tried it on my friends, that had 6 stuck pixels, and it fixed them all. The only real thing you can do is set the video to repeat and leave it on for a few hours. In version 2.0, I have added a white screen and a black screen, so you can periodically check to see if your pixels have been fixed. Good Luck with it to all of you.

Download PSP Stuck Pixel Fixer

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  • Dude I hope you haven’t forgot to credit the source..

  • oops sorry buddy fogot abt it… linked back 🙂

  • Thanks :). I have been following bizztech from past couple of months, love to read your articles, keep up good work.

  • That’s nice dude. Good to hear that.

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