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Download Mac OSX Theme for Windows 7

Whenever I think of the term ‘eye candy’ with relation to an Operating system, the two operating systems that come to my mind are Windows 7 and Mac OSX. I was previously using Vista, I recently got hold of Windows 7 RTM and I must say, ‘it’s awesome’. But, I never tried Mac OSX. I had seen it once on my friend’s pc and it was great.

PSP Dead Pixel Fixer

Stuck Pixels and dead pixels are annoying. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t provide support to fix Stuck or Dead pixel issues. If you are frustrated with such a problem then here’s a quick solution that you can try out.

Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 License Key

Kaspersky is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus solutions at present. I had previously shared with you’ll a lot of promotions of free licenses. Well, today I would like to share with you another one. This time it’s 180 days KAV 2010 license. Sounds cool isn’t it? Yeah! The promotion is pretty simple too. Here’s how you get your free license:

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta

It’s been quite a long time since Yahoo released the final version of Yahoo Messenger 9. The all new Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta for Windows is out with much needed improvements, especially in the video calling feature. Video calls now be made with a full screen mode. Whoa! I can see my friends in my big screen! Now, that’s certainly cool! But, it should be noted that both the users should have version 10 installed in order to use this feature or else you won’t be able to use it.

How to Get Mac OSX Stacks in Windows 7 Taskbar

Today, I came across a program known as 7stacks. It is an easy to use, freeware that lets Windows 7, Vista and XP users to have “stacks” of icons. In Windows 7 stacks appear in the taskbar and in Windows XP and Vista stacks appear in the QuickLaunch Toolbar. So what’s the use of stacks? By using stacks, users can reduce icon clutter, and combine a group of related icons into a single icon. If programs like Yahoo messenger, Google talk, and msn messenger are open then they all will be grouped under one stack in the taskbar.

Lock your Computer using Mobile Phone Bluetooth

Blue Lock is a software which allows you to lock your Windows PC with the help of a mobile phone. It uses Bluetooth in the mobile phone and your computer to establish a connection. You can configure the software to add a particular Bluetooth device. For instance: a mobile phone or iPod. When the Bluetooth device is within the range the PC is active but when that particular Bluetooth device is not detected, the program will detect your phone is out of range and automatically lock your system, requiring the password to be entered to reactivate the system. It can also automatically unlock the computer when the device comes within the range.

Download Java Runtime Environment Offline Installer

Nowadays, Java is used as framework for running latest Java applications on Windows based PCs and hence Java Runtime Environment is an essential. Java Runtime Environment also installs some browser plugins to enable latest Java technology on browsers. You may have come across several web based Java apps like chat apps, java based picture uploaders, etc.

LockHunter- Fix Problem Ejecting USB Drive

I’m pretty sure you may have come across the error ‘Problem ejecting USB Mass Storage Device’ while trying to eject your pen drive. And, since you couldn’t do anything you simply pulled it out. Well, the reason for this problem is that there’s a hidden process or some malware activity which is restricting the pen drive from being unplugged.

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