Reduce Printer Ink Consumption

Today, while browsing I came across a way to reduce printer ink consumption while printing pages. This should be useful for printing articles, reports, letters, emails, etc. So, how can you save ink while printing?

I’m sure you’ll find my answer weird. You can save printer’s ink consumption by simply changing your font to EcoFont. Now you might be saying, “Are you sure you can do that by just changing the font?” Yes, certainly! Eco Font is a simple looking font with holes. Due to these holes, the ink consumption during printing is 20% less than any other traditional font.

Download EcoFont for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux system



2 comments for “Reduce Printer Ink Consumption”

  • Eco-font is a great idea. Very simple – design of a font that needs less ink to begin with.

    PretonSaver Home is even better. Software that reduce ink consumption by up to 50% – it “optimize” every font so way less ink is needed.
    And it does it without asking you to change your fonts or change the way you print (background processing)

    Check it out at Half The Ink – you can download a free trial of PretonSaver Home

  • EcoFont is a nice gimmick but it does not save on pictures and graphic and limited to font size 11.

    to save on printing i use PretonSaver Home, you can try it for free

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