How to Install Windows 7 from Pen drive

Most of us nowadays like to install Windows from pen drives. Now the question arises, ‘why do people prefer installing Windows from pen drive instead of DVD roms?’ Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, a fresh install of Windows 7 DVD takes around 20 minutes! Isn’t that lot of time? Secondly, you come across certain instance where you don’t have a DVD rom or there’s only a CD rom. Well, there may be several other reasons such as pen drives are easy to carry, more durable and so on.

Previously we had seen how to install Vista using pen drive. Well, today I came across a tool on which allows you to create bootable pen drive with ease. As this is an application you can be confident that it will get things done in the right way. As sometimes manual tutorials may not be followed by most of us properly.

You can create a bootable Windows 7 pen drive by downloading A Bootable USB from below:

Download A Bootable USB



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    I just wondering if this tool support all thumb drives. Have you tried it using usb drive (enclosure? Thanks

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