How to Connect your Computer to a Projector in Windows 7

With Windows 7 it’s quite easy to connect your computer to a projector and project your screen. The Windows 7 driver display utility- displayswitch.exe makes things easier. All you need to do is simply connect the projector and press the ‘Win key + P’ on your keyboard.

When you press the ‘Win key + P’ on your keyboard you should see a popup like the above one. Here you can switch through multiple display settings, such as “clone”, “extend” or “external only.” To see more Windows 7 tips have a look at the Windows 7 tips and tricks category.



9 comments for “How to Connect your Computer to a Projector in Windows 7”

  • Dan Ostapyuk


    Please help me!
    When I press WindowsKey+P, nothing shows on screen.
    I have Windows 7.
    The connection is not via VGA. It is via DVI(from projector) to HDMI(to computer)..I have a convertor from DVI to HDMI.

    Please help, I cannot connect my projector.


  • That’s weird Dan. Did you hold the Windows key and then press P? Maybe that’s the problem…
    I’m using Windows 7 now and Windows key+P works

  • Dan

    Thanks Joel, but, I think I know the problem (But don’t know how to fix it). When I right-click on my desktop and then go to screen resolution…i get this ( ). Please see that link. I cannot connect my projector with VGA even.

    Thank you for ALL of your help Joel.

  • dan

    Any help would be very appreciated!!

  • Igor

    I wish I could help you Dan, but I don’t know much about projectors. Try asking Ms. Robbins she has one in school Hhaha =)

  • ABC

    I hav same problem with you Dan. do you manage to solve this prob? how to manage it?

  • Hey ABC, yes I’ve managed to fix it. How? The version of Windows 7 I used was BETA. Now I have the working version. That’s how. Good luck!

  • Jeanette

    Im triying to connect a projector to my laptop with a VGA cable, but it wont work. Can anyone help me?

  • luke

    Dan where did u get the workin version?

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