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How to Add a Folder to Favorites in Windows 7

If you’re using Windows 7, you may have noticed the ‘Favorites’ category on the left hand pane in Windows Explorer. You can add the folders that you access quite often under this head. It will help you to access such folders with ease.

FREE Vexira Antivirus Professional 1Year Key

Today, while browsing I came across a free Antivirus mentioned on It’s Vexira Antivirus Professional with 1 year genuine license key. I believe that you haven’t heard of this antivirus before. Well, even I didn’t. But, it’s a pretty good antivirus solution which costs you around $35 if you would purchase it. The company also has a catchy slogan which says, “Without us, there is no defense”.

How to Get Windows 7 Edition Selection Menu

Now that Windows 7 RTM has already leaked over the web, I’m pretty sure most of you got your hands on it. Well, during installation you might have noticed that there is no Windows 7 Edition selection menu. Whereas, In Windows XP and Vista the user would enter the serial and the version that the serial reflected would be installed.

Run Live Android on PC

I’m pretty sure you have heard a lot about Google Android. But you don’t wanna get a T-Mobile G1 just for the sake of trying it, nor do I. So what’s the alternative? Live Android! Live Android is a LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating system. You can run this CD on your PC and enjoy an all new experience.

Reduce Printer Ink Consumption

Today, while browsing I came across a way to reduce printer ink consumption while printing pages. This should be useful for printing articles, reports, letters, emails, etc. So, how can you save ink while printing?

Facebook Desktop Chat Application

Nowadays we all have a lot of friends on Facebook but some of us just go there for chatting. Well, such people don’t like to load the Facbook page just for chatting purpose as it takes a while to load. If that’s the case then there’s a Facebook desktop chat application known as Gabtastik.

How to Overcome iPhone 3GS Heating Problem

Lot of people complained about the heating problem in the new iPhone 3GS after they got their hands on it. They observed that their iPhone gets more hot than usual when extensive graphics applications are used. This is a serious problem isn’t it?

How to Get Classic Menu in Office 2007

I came across an addon- RibbonCustomizer which allows you to get the classic Microsoft office menu in Office 2007. If you ever used Office 2007 you might have noticed that a unique ribbon has been introduced instead of the old classic menu which was there in the versions prior to 2007. Some of us find this new menu little confusing as it’s unique.

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