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Most of us listen to music online. One of my favorite sites is You too might have listened to songs on Well, the drawback is that you can only listen to songs on this site but you cannot download them. But there’s a little trick. When you play a particular file it actually downloads it! The downloaded file is stored in the temporary folder which later gets deleted. So the trick is pretty simple, first you need to clear your browsers temporary folder, go to and play a song. Check in the temporary folder once the song buffers fully. You can simply copy the file to your hard disk. And later add the extension .mp3 to it, it should work perfectly. This is what I do in my Opera browser. The same trick applies to other online music sites which allow you to listen music online but don’t allow you to download.

Well, I found a video on YouTube which explains you the procedure in detail, it may vary a little bit but the concept behind it remains the same. You can check it out below:

YouTube Preview Image


5 comments for “How to Download Songs from”

  • Austin

    Thanks for the tip however…

    it worked the first time but then nothing would show up in my temporary Internet folder. Message me back if you can.

  • Bob Ugentus

    I find it to be easier to use this downloader. Its really easy to use…check it out here:

  • Stefanie

    I am on an apple computer where is the temporary folder on there? I have a account and i would love to get the songs like that.

  • Greidam

    video was taken down

  • melisp

    can’t seem to do this in windows 7… anyone have any tips?

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