Recover Corrupted docx Files

Microsoft Word 2007 saves documents in .docx formats. These formats are new. Previously the older versions of Microsoft Word used .doc formats. Now that Microsoft Word 2007 has been out for a long time we can assume that most us use Word 2007 and hence we deal more with .docx formats.

Did you ever want to open any corrupted docx file? Unfortunately you weren’t able to open them in Microsoft Word due to corruption in the file. Don’t you worry! you can now open such files with a small app known as Damaged docx2txt.

Word 2007 files are actually zipped collections of XML files. The main text in the docx files is found in the document.xml file in the collection. Damaged docx2txt uses CakeCMD, an unzipper that will unzip partially corrupt document.xml files. This will enable you to open and read corrupted .docx files.

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3 comments for “Recover Corrupted docx Files”

  • John Crim

    I was able to print pages of gibberish from recovered DocX’s and

    According to the techs at my local computer shop that meant that while word couldn’t read it there was something there and it need the right program to make readable

    Damaged docx2txt. is not the program it doesn’t work at all.

  • Bert Leen

    I have read whole article which is based on how can repair doc file from ms office database. here is one more way to repair and recover word file by using Kernel for word file repair software.

  • joey watson

    , Accidently deleted your file, Something seems to be missing etc .personally sharing my experience there are much better recovery tools that you can try like Sysinfotools and there are also many recovery tools that you can try.

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