Hide Desktop Icons as per Cursor Position

Iconoid is a small app which allows you to hide and display desktop icons automatically according to the cursor position. For instance; if you set the hide time to 5seconds, after 5 seconds the cursor and the icons will be hidden. You can also set the icons to automatically hide.

Apart from the icon hiding feature there are a few other features as well. You can also minimize all open windows by simply moving the cursor to any corner (as defined in options) of the screen. You can also auto hide the taskbar but this is nothing great as it can be done via taskbar properties too. But I noticed that if you hide the taskbar in Vista using this program the taskbar gets hidden but the Start button is visible. Well, I don’t know if it’s a feature or a bug. You can also save and restore desktop icon positions, this is pretty helpful if there are a lot of desktop icons and someone else fiddles with them. Apart from these features there’s also an option to set the desktop icons background and text color.

If you’re interested in saving your desktop icons layout and restore it whenever you want in order to save you from the trouble of fetching for them later then you can have a look at “Save and Restore the Layout of Windows Desktop Icons

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