XWindows Dock- A Mac like Dock for Windows

When it comes to docks most of us prefer Rocket Dock. I love Rocket dock for its features and its wide range of options to optimize the dock. But today I came across a cool dock- XWindows Dock which gives you a Mac like dock for Windows. It provides all graphics affects like reflections, transparency, shadow, blur, etc. Some of the cool features include stacking of folders and files within folders. It shows you the inner files in the form of a fan or grid. Well, this can be done is Rocket Dock too with the stacks addon.

Another interesting feature is the gallery stack. Now this is one feature that made me love this dock. You can add a specific gallery folder, whenever you hover over it, it will show you the images in the form of a small filmstrip. You can also reserve screen area for the dock, this feature didn’t excite me that much though. The bottom of the open windows will always be over the dock making the dock and the taskbar visible. Ahh! And last but not the least; you can minimize windows directly into your dock. You don’t need to have a look at the windows taskbar anymore if you got bored of it!

One serious drawback of the dock is that you cannot move the dock to the top or sides of your screen. Well, if you liked the dock and would like to give it a try download it from below.

Download XWindows Dock



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