How to Fix GFWL Login Problem

The fixes given below works for the following errors:
Error 0x800705b4, Error 0x80072741, Error 0x80151002, Error 0x80151911

You can also try the below fixes if you have any other login issues, who knows it may work out.

1. Ok so to start with, the first thing you need to make sure is that you have forwarded the necessary ports. You need to forward the following ports-

TCP 80, UDP 88, UDP 3074, TCP 3074, UDP 53, TCP 53

You can do this by logging into your router. It can be done by typing in the address bar in any web browser. You need to enter the username as ‘admin’ and password as ‘password’. Go to NAT> Virtual Servers and add the above ports. You can give any sever name for each port like ‘Live1’, ‘Live2’.

2. Once you have forwarded the necessary ports, it’s time to check if any Firewall or internet security software is blocking the ports. I would recommend you to use the Windows Firewall instead of your internet security software at least during launching the game. You can do this by going to security center. For this you need to type in ‘security center’ in Vista search bar and hit enter. Now click on Firewall and select Windows Firewall.

3. Adding Firewall exception:

On the left hand pane click on ‘Windows Firewall’ and then click on ‘change settings’. Click on the exceptions tab and add program- Games for Windows Live and click on OK.

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25 comments for “How to Fix GFWL Login Problem”

  • Nice blog post, a good read, i’ll be bookmarking this.

  • Thank you
    Would be pleased to see you visit again 🙂

  • well, this isn’t my problem 😛
    i have another:
    error: q####### <–# =numbers…. xD
    there’s ANY list of number-error or something? 😛

  • well if it just happened today… then the servers are down for maintainence….

    Can you pleaes make a note of the number and paste it here….
    Maybe I can help you out.

  • George Oldham

    Thanks for the writeup. Unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem with the gfwl out of game program. I can connect with my laptop but not my desktop at the same location. It cites a connection error and says it can’t start the program, yet in game I can connect to gfwl. This has made adding DLC a rather intensive task.

  • I just hate GFWL. I will never buy games with GFWL. It’s just pure nonsense. I had tough time figuring out the problems in connection.
    Just try adding GFWl as an exception in your firewall/ defender

  • KaezakuRaiku

    Hello i got some problems, when i’m logging in, in Gears of War, it says something like:
    “Unable to connect to Games for Windows Live, please check your connection….”
    Or something like that.

  • KaezakuRaiku

    Please help!

  • I guess your NAT ports are not open. You need to open them first.

  • Balaji

    A big thanks for trying to help other mate 🙂
    I followed everything as u said but nothing turned out for me 🙁
    Can u please help me out : Am having the same error as U DO 🙁
    btwn my email id & chat id :

  • Hi Balaji,

    Can you plz tell me which router you are using and your service provider. I’ll try to help you out.

  • Sorry For the late reply mate 🙁
    Okay : My service provider is (AIRTEL ) INDIA & am using beetle 220bx1 i’ve opened all the ports & applied the firewall hot fixes it seems that the problem is solved to some EXTENT 🙂
    but not able to log in 🙁
    u see : after wat u told me do i was able to log in on the GFWL client but not in GTA4( the in-game GFWL) so i’ll really appreciate it if u help & sort me out 🙂

    SOS : Dude, my previous error was ” The live service may be not available or there may be ************* ”
    & my new error is : Can’t Connect to LIVE
    Error Code : 0X80151911

  • Mate, any help please 🙁

  • Hi Balaji,

    I guess the 220bx1 isn’t a router, it’s a modem. I’m also using AirTel and I have got a 450BX1 router.

    And, did you experience this error recently, or since the very beginning when you got the game?

  • Hi 🙂
    To be honest , i previously was using BSNL net connection to play GTA 4 online via GFWL & i didn face any problems. & soon after when i changed my isp to Airtel & migrated the os from XP to WIN 7 64 BIT am facing a problem .

    Any help Mate ? 🙁

  • Mate, Am eagerly waiting for ur Reply 😀

  • Is your computer connected via ethernet cable or wifi?

    Win7 is surely not the problem…
    I myself use Win7 and play GTA IV

    Well, I added u on GTALk.. will chat with you sometime…

  • Mate, thanks for adding, my computer is connected via Ethernet cable.

  • Jurjen

    Thank you so much! I was struggling for an hour with this problem! I was about to freak out. You really helped me out here.

  • simplepyro

    hey i keep getting the this msg everytime i try to connect to gfwl for fallout 3.

    Cant connect to live. You may be useing a windows live ID from a region that is not supported by live.

    now it used to work like 2-3 months back and now nothing…

  • JohnPaton

    LOOK! I have tried all of this, please do not ask me to check my firewall, my router, my port settings, my services, BIT, check my region. You wanna know the real kick??? It works JUST FINE on my HDD, but when I tried installing everything onto my SSD, windows live won’t work. SO TELL ME WHY I HAVE A 7.9 WEI RATED DRIVE THAT WON’T RUN GFWL. please help.

  • GFWL worked fine for Batman with the same account, on 2 computers, and now this won’t work for GTA4-EFLC on the same computer… No solution given above solved the issue, i still get the same message that has no use.

  • FriendInNeed

    Im getting the error with the “cant connect blabla using PPP connection” and ive tried everything here, i can log into the GFWL marketplace but when i try to connect while playing RE5 or FO3 it wont allow me… 

    Any suggestions if you are still reading this old blog thing =)

  • hrvoje37

    Not working,…. for me..

  • Then later again something went wrong and I wasn’t able to play. So here’s what I tired which fixed my problem.

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