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Download Free Windows 7 Tips and Tricks eBook

Here’s something cool for Windows 7 users. Microsoft is providing a free Windows 7 tips and tricks eBook absolutely free. These tips and tricks will help you to increase your productivity and reduce wastage of time making your Windows 7 experience smooth and easy. It will also help you to familiarize yourself with some of the enhancements that are new in Windows 7.

How to Boot into Safe Mode in Vista When F8 Doesn’t work

When we speak about safe mode we all know that the F8 key boots Windows into Safe mode. But unfortunately for some BIOS it shows boot options (hard disk, DVD rom, etc). In such a situation you can make use of the msconfig in Vista. Here’s how you do it:

Go to Start menu and in the search box type msconfig and hit enter.

Add Disk CleanUp and Disk Manager to My Computer Right Click Menu

Here are two small registry tweaks which will add Disk CleanUp and Disk Manger options to the My Computer right click menu. This will help you to access Disk Manager and Disk CleanUp with ease instead of going to Start menu and launching it from there.

Windows 7 Login Screen for XP

I love Windows 7 for its interface and eye candy looks. We have seen Windows 7 taskbar for Windows XP and then a Windows 7 theme for XP. I was searching for something more. While browsing, I came across a wonderful looking Windows 7 login screen for Windows XP, just thought of sharing it with you. It looks just like the below pic.

How to add Watermark to Images

If you upload your images over the web then there are high chances of it being used by others without giving you credit. Or maybe someone may be using your image without your permission. If you’re really concerned about this matter then you need to do something! So what can be done? You can watermark your images that you upload over the web. Adding a visible watermark is a common way of identifying images and protecting them from unauthorized use online.

How to Fix Task Manager Has Been Disabled Error

Sometimes when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del key you might have come across an error saying “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”. This happens mainly due to malware or spyware present in your computer. The malware or spyware puts certain registry restrictions which disables the task manager. This is mainly done is order to prevent the user from tracing and removing the spyware or malware from system startup.

Transform Kubuntu 9.04 in to Windows 7

A designer at has come up with a Windows 7 transformation pack for Kubuntu 9.04. It transforms Kubuntu 9.04 into Windows 7. Well, it doesn’t change Kubuntu into Windows 7 but it gives you the look and feel of Windows 7 on Kubuntu. The interesting part is that in some areas Kubuntu works just like Windows 7!

Hide Desktop Icons as per Cursor Position

Iconoid is a small app which allows you to hide and display desktop icons automatically according to the cursor position. For instance; if you set the hide time to 5seconds, after 5 seconds the cursor and the icons will be hidden. You can also set the icons to automatically hide.

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