Windows 7 Taskbar Grouping for Windows XP

I’m back after a short break. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog due to my computer’s motherboard failure. Well, It’s now given for repairs. For the time being I managed to get hold of another pc. Well, let’s keep these things apart. Nowadays there’s a lot of hype about Windows 7 over the web. Windows 7 has already hit RC stage. Some of my friends are crazy about it. If you tried out Windows 7, one of the attractive features is the taskbar. The taskbar in Windows 7 groups tabs in a unique way. Just like the pic below.

At present I don’t have Windows 7 so I was searching for something similar for Windows XP and guess what I found it- the Windows 7 Super bar for Windows XP. It’s not just an ordinary taskbar that looks like Windows 7 taskbar. It also sports the features of the Windows 7 taskbar. It groups windows relative to their process. Each open application reserves its own space on the bar. Windows relative to that application are then grouped as children of that application on the bar. This keeps the taskbar clean and well organized into a more logical grouping system just like the Windows 7 taskbar.

Unfortunately there’s no Vista version yet but don’t worry folks the Vista version of the taskbar is in development. If you’re using Windows 7 and aren’t satisfied with the Windows 7 taskbar then you can get the Vista taskbar in Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 taskbar for XP




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