How to Remove Win32 Sality Virus

Viruses can be a real pain at times. Today I’ll share with you my experience with the Win32 Sality Virus. Win32/Sality is a polymorphic virus that infects Win32 PE executable files. It also contains trojan components. Win32/Sality has been known to be downloaded by variants of the Win32/Bagle family.
This is one of the worst viruses I came across. It all happened when I plugged in my friends pen drive to copy some stuff into my pc. At that moment I had disabled Kaspersky Internet Security which I use due to some app restrictions. Everything was fine until evening. But then my explorer started crashing, task manager got disabled, many installers stopped functioning and started giving me weird errors. The worst part was I wasn’t able to start Kaspersky Internet Security again. I decided to format my C drive, as I formatted it and reinstalled XP I realized that the virus still exists! Now that was really annoying. But somehow I managed to install kaspersky without installing anything else. I scanned the whole hard disk and discovered that all my installation files, program files, and even Vista on other partition was infected. These things really got me on to my nerves. I somehow disinfected some of the viruses but wasn’t able to fully remove them. If your pc is infected by this virus you need to do the following:

Firstly, get a good antivirus program I would suggest Kaspersky as I personally use it. You can also try out NOD32, Norton or Avast.
Also get the Win32 Sality virus remover from here.

Run a scan on all the partitions on your hard disk. You can ignore the drives with songs and movies as this virus doesn’t infect them.
Now disinfect the viruses discovered using the above programs. Some viruses won’t be disinfected. To get rid of them you need to delete such files. I had maintained a partition with full of installers (exe), 90% of them were infected due to which I had to delete all of them. Kaspersky disinfected most of them but the problem was some installers weren’t able to run.

Now once you got rid of the infected stuff copy or backup the good ones to another partition and format the infected partition.

Once done run the virus check again on the particular drive you formatted to check if the virus is still there. Mostly it will be gone.

Lastly if the virus still exists in the C drive then you need to format it and reinstall your operating system.

Ahh! That’s the end of Win32 Sality Virus. Now you know why I was away from my blog for so many days. Hence forth I’ll never repeat the mistake of disabling Kaspersky.

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