How to Activate iPhone 3.0 Beta

Most of us are eagerly waiting for the final release of the iPhone OS 3.0. But some of us just can’t wait to try out the Beta release. Few weeks back the iPhone OS 3.0 beta had leaked over the web and was available for download. But for certain features you need to activate it. For instance you won’t be able to sync the iPhone with your pc unless you activate the OS. Activating the iPhone 3.0 firmware is equivalent to getting the UDID of your device registered in the iPhone developer program so you are legally able to test the new firmware on your device without any syncing problems with iTunes.

So, how do I get the UDID registered?
If you enroll yourself in the iPhone developer program then it will cost you a whopping $100 which isn’t worth if you aren’t a developer or you are not into beta testing. Well, as always there’s an easy way too. Here’s how you do it:

1. Connect your iPhone/ iPod Touch to the computer.
2. Open iTunes and click on the Summary for the device.
3. Hover the mouse over to where it says ‘Serial Number‘ and click on it to make it toggle into UDID.
4. Note the UDID carefully.
5. Head over to this page to purchase a registration of the UDID for just $5.

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