Keyboard Key Seat for Geeks

Geeks love to add more and more gadgets to their gadgets collection. One of my tech savy friends room is a complete mess with gadgets! He has a dual monitor workstation, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Blu ray player and what not! I remember last time when I had visited his house he had a small bench in his room which had the design of that of a computer keyboard. And today while browsing over the web I came across something similar to it. It’s a unique yet great looking stool which sports the look of a keyboard key!

The contoured shape holds your backspace just like your finger rests in a key. It measures 22 square inches and 15 inches high and has ‘sit’ printed on the top. The makers are ready to customize it according to your needs for an additional $16. You can print whatever you need over the stool instead of ‘sit’ which is there on a default design. These stools look great even in cybers. If you liked it then you can get one for $125 from Greatbigstuff. Woah! The price doesn’t seem to be reasonable though, but a geek would never mind spending on it to add to his collection.



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