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How to Activate iPhone 3.0 Beta

Most of us are eagerly waiting for the final release of the iPhone OS 3.0. But some of us just can’t wait to try out the Beta release. Few weeks back the iPhone OS 3.0 beta had leaked over the web and was available for download. But for certain features you need to activate it. For instance you won’t be able to sync the iPhone with your pc unless you activate the OS. Activating the iPhone 3.0 firmware is equivalent to getting the UDID of your device registered in the iPhone developer program so you are legally able to test the new firmware on your device without any syncing problems with iTunes.

Freeware to Hide Folders in Mac

Hide Folders is a freely available program for Mac OS X which allows users to protect documents and folders. With a single click a user can easily protect his private files or folders. You can be assured that such protected files cannot be deleted, edited or viewed by others. The program has a very good user interface and is easy to use as it works just as you are used to do things everyday with your Mac. To hide a folder all you need to do is just drag the folder in hide folder window and it’s hidden. To un-hide and show the folder, select the folder and click on show button.

Spell Checker for Windows- TinySpell

TinySpell is a small yet awesome application for Windows. It is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check and correct the spelling in any Windows application. It looks at whatever you’re typing and alerts you with a beep sound whenever it detects a misspelled word and shows you a spelling tip next to the word. In addition to this the TinySpell icon in the system tray will turn yellow. It can also check the spelling of text that you copy to the clipboard. Once installed it lies in the system tray for easy access. It features an American-English dictionary containing more than 110,000 words.

RichCopy- Copy Multiple Files with Pause/Resume

RichCopy is an addition to the list of softwares which allow you to manage files and folders with ease. It’s a free utility which allows you to copy multiple files in Windows. The interesting part is that it includes pause and resume support for copying files. You can pause whenever you need to do some other work and keep the pc free and resume when you’re done. Another advantage of RichCopy is that it allows you to copy files simultaneously which helps you to save a lot of time. It’s comes handy if you have to copy large number of files between storage devices.

How to Access Multiple Email Accounts in GMail

Nowadays most of us have more than one email ID. When the email ID is of the same provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc you got to sign out and sign into your second account which is time consuming. Some people use different browsers to solve this problem. So when we speak about multiple Gmail accounts the multiple inbox feature comes to my mind. I’m not very sure if you have heard about it. Well, if you haven’t then as the word says it allows you to manage multiple inboxes. So, let’s see how we can make use of this feature.

Download iPhone OS 3.0 Beta

Apple recently announced its plan on the all new iPhone operating system 3.0. After looking at the preview of the iPhone operating system 3.0, iPhone and iPod touch users are really looking forward towards it. Most of the features suggested by users are being added into this version of the operating system. Some of the new features included in this operating system are:

Transform Vista into Windows 7 (Build 7057)

Those of you who don’t want to try out Windows 7 but want to get the Windows 7 features on Windows Vista can do so using the Windows 7 transformation pack. Well, previously we had mentioned about several Windows 7 transformation packs but this pack is a little different, it’s based on the latest build, i.e.; 7057. Unfortunately this pack doesn’t come with installer. It comes with only the system files. The pack contains the following items:

Extract Multiple ZIP/ RAR Files with ExtractNow

Sometimes we download lots of archived files in one shot. Extracting them separately by clicking on each file can be time consuming and annoying at times. So what’s the solution? How about a multiple archive extraction software? ExtractNow is a one such utility that allows you to extract multiple archives with ease and without consuming much of time. It’s not a complete archival solution; its main purpose is to allow the user to extract multiple archives easily.

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