How to Add Background Image to USB Drive Window

Recently I checked my friend’s new USB drive that he had bought few days back. I noticed that when I browsed into its file directory, the window had a custom background which came with the drive itself. I was wondering if we could do so for any other drive. And the answer was yes, we can! Here’s how it’s done:

1.Firstly, open notepad and copy the following code:

IconArea_Image= background image

In the above code you need to replace ‘background image’ with the actual file name of the actual image file name. For instance, ‘flowered.jpg’.

2. Now, save it as “desktop.ini” without the quotes.

3. Place the “desktop.ini” file and your image file in your USB drive. You can hide the files if you want so that they won’t get deleted accidently.

4. Refresh or re-plug your USB device to see the new background for your USB drive window.

You can also add background image to any folder in your computer, for a detailed guide view have a look over here.



16 comments for “How to Add Background Image to USB Drive Window”

  • bhe


  • franz

    not work in my windows vista home..??how it works??what the best codes to vista??huhu
    thnx men..

  • Kislev

    this don’t work on my USB..,,,. does it work in different kind of USB’s

  • Kislev

    oh! i’m sorry!!!! i’m wrong!!! it works!!! i forgot to save the picture to my USB drive!!! Tnx a lot men

  • rv

    its not working on vista ultimate

  • elly

    is that code works in vista?tnx…

  • No idea…
    I did that when I was using XP…

  • jojo

    can u set the x and y position of this…….

  • jojo

    how can i set the position the image
    even if the window is not maximize coz when the window is small the image wont appear. it only appears when i maximize the window….. pls help thanks…

  • matingkoy

    not working in my windows vista ultimate

  • dj

    what code do i use to make my background will auto resize…even if my folder at not max view…

  • rikki

    ohhh thnx its work

  • robin

    Yes it realy works and you can also use another software to resize your image , so that it correctly fits to your screen.

  • john

    how to make the background picture in “stretch mode”… it is kinda annoying seeing the picture in “tile”. could you advice what code to change?

  • InzIk

    thank u soo much…..its works….

  • it doesnt work on mine

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