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Windows 7 has been quite promising with its performance in the Beta stage. I never expected it to be so fast and reliable in the Beta stage itself. We can imagine how it will advance and get better in its course of development. Well, like any other Windows versions this version too has good number of tweaks and tips. Here are a few tips I would like to share with you.

Customizing UAC:
There were several complaints regarding the UAC (User Access Control) used in Windows Vista. It was good when it came to security but it was quite annoying at times. Well, there was a good replacement for the annoying default UAC of Vista which people preferred. But Windows 7 users don’t need to worry as it features a better UAC system. You can configure its settings by going to Start> Control Panel> Change User Account Control Settings.

Burn images on the fly:
Windows 7 includes a pretty useful feature which helps you to burn images on the fly. All you need to do just double-click the ISO image, choose the drive with the blank disc, click Burn and watch as your disc is created.

Pin frequently used folders:
If you work with a particular folder or a group of folders everyday then you can pin them with the Explorer icon on the taskbar. To do so, hold the right-click button down and drag the folder to the taskbar. It will be automatically pinned in the Explorer Jump List.

Display Empty drives:
In Windows 7, storage devices like memory card readers aren’t displayed if they’re empty. You don’t need to worry if you’re storage media is missing. To view it all you need to do is launch Explorer, click Tools> Folder Options> View and clear “Hide empty drives in the computer folder” to get your empty drives back.

Quick video access:
Want to have a quick access to your Videos folder? You can do it easily by adding the folder to the Start menu. To do so all you need to do is just right-click on Start orb and go to Properties> Start Menu> Customize, and set the Videos option to “Display as a link”. If you’ve a TV tuner that works with Windows 7 then you’ll appreciate the new option to display the Recorded TV folder on the Start menu, too.

Wordpad standards support:
You might have observed that the Wordpad in Windows 7 has been improved to a great extent. It is now capable of reading and writing the Word 2007-compatible Office Open XML (OOXML) file format but also the OpenDocument specification that IBM and Sun have been advocating.

Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7:
If you tried out Windows 7 you might have noticed that the good old quick launch bar that you used to have in the Windows versions prior to Windows 7 is no longer visible. Unfortunately the quick launch toolbar is not only disabled by default in Windows 7, but it’s actually missing from the list of toolbars. To enable it, have a sneak over here.

Run web searches:
The search function in Windows 7 helps you to search online resources, when you create an appropriate search connector. For instance, to add Flickr support, visit Bizzntech [], click Download the Connector, choose the Open option and watch as it’s downloaded (the file is tiny, it’ll only take a moment). A “Flickr Search” option will be added to your Searches folder, and you’ll now be able to search images from your desktop.

Windows switching:
I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the “Alt+Tab” feature used in Vista. But here’s another feature which allows you to switch across windows that belong to just one application. For instance, if you’ve got five Outlook message windows open along with other windows, you can quickly tab through the Outlook windows only by holding down the Ctrl key while you repeatedly click on the single Outlook icon.

Installing Windows 7 from a USB drive:
Just like Windows Vista you can also install Windows 7 by copying the files to a pen drive and later booting from it. For a detailed tutorial have a look over here.

Multi-Monitor Windows Management:
Using shortcuts you can manage your multiple monitor Windows 7 pc with ease. You can press Win+Shift+Left Arrow and Win+Shift+Right Arrow to move windows from one monitor to another.



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