How to Patch MobileInstallation File in 2.2.1 iPhone Firmware

Recently I got an iPhone and was glued to it. I was truly amazed by its features and eye candy interface. I was searching for various kinds of tutorials, themes, apps, games, etc. Well, there was a lot of stuff over iTunes but the problem is we can’t buy it straight away without knowing how’s it, and whether it’s worth it. So I wanted to try out by installing cracked apps and then later get the real one if it’s good enough. Well, the problem was I wasn’t able to install cracked apps on my iPhone. I read that one needs to patch the MobileInstallation file. And there’s a long procedure to do so. I was finally able to get it right. I would like to explain you the tutorial step by step.

This tutorial will guide you to access your phone directory via SSH. Before you start of with you need to make sure that you have the following stuff:
Wifi network
Open SSH and Automatic SSH on iPhone/ iPod (You can download it via Cydia)
WinSCP on your Windows PC
MobileInstallation Patch 2.2.1 for 2.2.1 firmware


1. Firstly install Open SSH and Automatic SSH on your iPhone if you haven’t. You can do this by going to Cydia and searching for SSH. You’ll get the above apps. Install them.

2. Now start WinSCP and enter the following details:
Host/Hostname/IP: Your IP Address (example:, you can find yours by going to General settings> Wifi network in your iPhone)
Username: root
Password: alpine

3. Once you enter the above details click on Save and give any name, for instance- ‘My iPhone

4. Disable Auto lock on your iPhone as it disconnects Wifi. Once done connect to the above setup network.

5. When the connection is established navigate to the folder:

6. Backup the MobileInstallation file, just rename it to “MobileInstallation.bak” or copy it to your computer.

7. Copy the MobileInstallation patch file (download link in the beginning of the post) to “/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework”

8. Set the permissions/CMOD of the file to 775. You can do this by right clicking on the file and going to properties.

9. Navigate to “/private/var/mobile/” and Set permissions to the folder “Applications” to 777
NOTE: Make sure recursive is checked (it sets all files within the folder to 777)

10. Navigate into the “/private/var/mobile/applications/” folder and create a “Documents” folder. Set the permission to 777.

11. Navigate to the root level and in the “/Applications/” folder create a “Documents” folder. Set permissions to 777.

12. Reboot iPhone/iPod Touch.

13. Now in iTunes log into your account and download a free game/ application. Make sure that you authorize your pc. If you don’t have an account you can create a free account in iTunes.

14. Now you can copy any cracked game/ file and check if it’s working. If it’s not then go through the above process again to verify if it’s done properly.

NOTE: This guide is for those people who are interested in trying out their games / apps before they buy them. If you’re interested in an app or a game make sure you purchase it.

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