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How to Add Background Image to USB Drive Window

Recently I checked my friend’s new USB drive that he had bought few days back. I noticed that when I browsed into its file directory, the window had a custom background which came with the drive itself. I was wondering if we could do so for any other drive. And the answer was yes, we can! Here’s how it’s done:

Hot Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 has been quite promising with its performance in the Beta stage. I never expected it to be so fast and reliable in the Beta stage itself. We can imagine how it will advance and get better in its course of development. Well, like any other Windows versions this version too has good number of tweaks and tips. Here are a few tips I would like to share with you.

Baby Hand Soaps- Cute and Creepy

Here are baby’s hands, err… baby hand soaps. Well, we all know baby’s hands are really cute, looks like someone liked them so much that they decided to cut ‘em off. Ha, not really. The hands that you see are soaps in the form of a baby’s hands. We all might find them cute but I keep wondering what would be a baby’s reaction while it looks at them for the first time. You might see a cute smile curve up it’s face or maybe it may cry out loud, or it might start playing with it.

Take 4MP Shots in your iPhone Camera

4 Megapixels? But iPhone has a 2MP cam, how’s that possible? Well, there’s an app known as ClearCam which is capable of turning your iPhone’s camera into a pro cam. So how does it work? It stitches up multiple photos taken from the 2MP camera of your iPhone, and produces a single 4MP shot. It has an enhanced mode which takes 6 pics in rapid succession; the pics are later combined and enhanced to make them look a lot better than the default pics. The app also features a QuickShot mode with which you can capture 4 pics in one shot.

How to Patch MobileInstallation File in 2.2.1 iPhone Firmware

Recently I got an iPhone and was glued to it. I was truly amazed by its features and eye candy interface. I was searching for various kinds of tutorials, themes, apps, games, etc. Well, there was a lot of stuff over iTunes but the problem is we can’t buy it straight away without knowing how’s it, and whether it’s worth it. So I wanted to try out by installing cracked apps and then later get the real one if it’s good enough. Well, the problem was I wasn’t able to install cracked apps on my iPhone. I read that one needs to patch the MobileInstallation file. And there’s a long procedure to do so. I was finally able to get it right. I would like to explain you the tutorial step by step.

DiskDigger- Recover Deleted Files

Previously I had written an article on data recovery software known as Recuva. Well, today, I’m going to share with you’ll yet another application which does the same job- DiskDigger. It’s a portable data recovery software which helps you to recover deleted files from your computer. The software limits the recovery to three file types images, documents and multimedia. Well, this might be a serious drawback but there’s an advantage as well, it is easier to find and recover deleted files if they belong to any one of the above three types.

Autoreply Instant Messenger Messages when Offline

Sometimes we aren’t able to log into instant messenger when we aren’t online, or maybe we are out of town, or maybe busy. In such circumstances there might be people who want to contact you urgently but unfortunately they aren’t able to do so. So, in such a case how do they contact you? Well, leaving an offline message would do the job. Offline messages? How’s that possible?

Resize Multiple Images with PIXresizer

Sometimes we have a huge collection of photos and images of different sizes, formats and resolutions. It’s a difficult task to change them to a uniform format, size, length, width, etc. There are many applications out there which help you to edit images but the biggest drawback is that they don’t allow multiple image resizing. Today, I came across an application which isn’t like the applications we have come across before! It allows us to resize and change formats of multiple images in one shot. Sounds cool isn’t it?

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