How to view online friends on Facebook chat being Offline

We have seen the all new Facebook interface which was introduced last year, most of us liked it but some didn’t, they tried getting the old Facebook interface back. Well, I’m happy with the new interface. The Facebook chat feature is really cool, chatting is much easier than going into different profiles and writing on their walls. The chat is certainly good but sometimes when there are a lot of friends online who want to chat with you when you’re busy then it might turn out to be annoying. You might have observed that the Facebook chat doesn’t have any option for appearing offline or hiding from your friends.

Luckily, there’s a Facebook application known as Online Now. You don’t need to sign in and have a sneak into the online friends list. It allows you to view your online friends while being offline. It generates a new page which displays the list of your online friends. It keeps on refreshing after certain time to keep you updated on the status of your friends. Online Now does not affect your Facebook Chat online status. If you want to appear “invisible”, simply turn off Facebook Chat and use Online Now to see who’s online. But the down point is that you can only chat with your friends if you turn on the Facebook Chat and appear online. But nevertheless it’s certainly a good application.

How to Use Online Now

Firstly go to the Online Now application page and add it.

Once you’ve added it go to the online now page to have a look at the online friends without even signing into chat.



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  • Nozomi

    Can I review my previous log-files chatted with friends?

  • i need girl firend

  • Al

    If you are using Firefox, just go to the View drop down menu, hit “Page Style” and choose “No Style”. Once the formatting is gone, it will show you which friends are online, even when you are offline.

  • ye

  • yes tnx for u tanx thank u
    i want to know hu is offline 😀

  • eranda

    thank you very much for the guide

  • pankaj

    sometime some friends are online but we are unable to see them ….is ther ant setting that they have changed or we have to do something ?

  • hello ….ok

  • nishu

    online page becomes error all the time.why?
    help me.

  • hello! why there is no chat in the facebook. since today the chat is not there online. plz send the information of the chat mai

  • its too good


    i can’t see my online facebook friend. how can i see them?
    on my screen there isn’t box of online friendlist
    please tell me how can i see them?

  • i can’t see my online facebook can see them? on my screen there isn’t box of online friendlist please tell me how can i see them

  • i can not see my friends online on facebook

  • Pam

    How do you get out of this application?

  • Jonny

    i have that app “online now” but mostly it is not showing all my friends (beeing online), is there a mistake in that app.?

  • Moawweza


  • Farid Faisal Bestari

    Is there anyway to trick online now?by being invisible and uncaught by online now,what does unauthorized access mean?

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